Learn how gass bongs are made and where you can buy them

Glass Pipes and Bongs


Glass blowing usually combines form and function in creating glass pipes that are both beautiful and useful. The glass pipes made from this process are usually in various styles, colors and designs. They range from the relatively simple shapes to wild and imaginative pieces that offer tobacco smokers a wide range of smoking experiences. The more complex designs of glass pipes stem from the use of high artistic skills and chemical formulas that are precise to result in designs and colors that are unimaginable. There are some that even change their colors while they are in use. Glass blowing and tobacco smoking culture have in the recent past become great friends. This is due to the large demand created by the number of smokers turning to glass pipes due to the fond smoking memories they offer. Find awesome glass pipes, bongs and more tobacco smoking tools at Bongoutlet, online headshop which offers the best pricing!

Glass on the other hand has quite a great history on its own.

History of Glass

Primitive glass is said to have been found in volcanoes as one of the primal sources. During the olden times, man is said to have used obsidian, a natural occurring glass, to make tools and arrowheads that were razor sharp. This natural glass was created due to the volcanic eruptions that were quite popular back then. Glass working traces its roots in Mesopotamia that was in around 1500 B.C.E. This is despite the fact that glass beads were reportedly found way back in 4000 B.C.E. Glass was in form of molds then and was mostly used for decoration and making bottles to store liquids.


It was in the late 1800’s when several glass artists like Louis Comfort Tiffany started bringing the art of blown and stained glass to a larger appeal through their lamps and glass art. Up to this day the Tiffany glass is still a collectible that is sought after by many glass art enthusiasts. Modern glassblowing cannot be discussed without the name of Bob Snodgrass being mentioned. There are some quarters that herald him as the godfather of the modern glassblowing. He is the person that came up with the pipe making procedure that entailed color changing. This process is referred to as fuming and it entails the coating of the inside part of the pipe using vaporized silver. He is said to have begun his exploits at making this type of glass as he was following the Grateful Dead Tour. During the winter season he often had to look for a place to settle and in 1990, his friend Hugh Selkind suggested to him to consider staying in Eugene, Oregon.

Hugh became his first student and they moved from places selling their glass art pieces and with the years fast passing the number of his students also multiplied. Many of them moved places and started their own shops dealing in glass blowing. Oregon is and remains the birthplace where modern glass blowing was revived.